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A Personal Reflection

Let’s talk about life in the essence of what it is about? I often had this question in life as to whether it is just a biological phenomenon of evolution or are we really special and one-of-a-kind universal beings? I think I have done enough Google searches to drive me crazy (one thing about google searches is that it gives validation to what you seek often). I kept finding the law of attraction, karma and plenty of other things. Sometimes they give me hope for a better future that everything will be alright but what is ‘alright’? Finding the love of your life, building your dream house and having a lovely family? Is that ‘alright’? I guess according to the standard of society that’s what seems acceptable or in a sense ‘alright’.

So, is that the purpose? The essence of life? From a biological perspective, life is all about surviving and reproducing. Add feelings to the mix and you get love and better relationships. Add logic to and you will find something/someone sustainable. We have this unlimited potential to imagine, to think. We have what primal societies imagined for themselves: better shelter, food, equal rights, eradication of slavery, labor rights, etc. All of those were hard to achieve but the dreams were kept alive. What does that tell you? Despite the odds, human beings are made in a way to achieve their goals. I don’t necessarily recommend holding onto something with false hope but I want you to believe in yourself. Humans were able to achieve all these big feats and you are a product of that evolution. So what makes you any less of an achiever? 

See, we are more capable as a unit than we are individually. Movements in the past had a cause, backed by passion and logic which is why those legacies continued and the dreams made reality, even generations later. Passion gives you the will to withstand anything while logic steers you into the right directions. Logic and emotional balance is equally important to see things clearly. 

Feelings are often shown to be a far more driving factor than logic. When feelings drive you in the course of life, you can be often overwhelmed by even the little things and what happens is you understand that it’s a very small issue yet keep finding yourself questioning, ‘Why does it feel so hard?’ but don’t succumb yourself to even little things when you know by logic that it’s not and should not be an issue. Overthinking doesn’t help. I have this solution to everything (a very human solution :3) It is this ritual where you have to do 23 jumping jacks for every problem. Just kidding. Derived from a Sadhguru teaching, this is a very simple way to get an insight on anything. If you have a problem, ask yourself if you can do something about it. If the answer is no, worrying will do you no good whatsoever. This is simple yet effective.

In these scenarios I’d like to think life is just a simple biological phenomenon because in that perspective, everything becomes simple and my “problem” gets smaller and insignificant cause I’d just look at the sky and understand how big the world is and how irrelevant these things I find very hard to let go of are. This makes me humble. I find that having humility makes you look at the world in a different perspective and makes you find what really matters at the end of the day. 

Understanding evolution and merging it with all other aspects such as spirituality and human behavior is complex and I could write pages about this but I’d like to come to this conclusion even though my search on trying to find the meaning of life may never end. No matter how much I question my existence, I got this life and I’ve got to live it regardless. 

Life is a lot of things for sure and during this process, I hope you understand your potential to be great and find your balance between feeling and logic. The idea of “great” is subjective. It doesn’t have to be world changing. You can be great by having a group of friends, a good social circle. Impacting on what you can do and on who you can is more than enough to be great. Doing what you can in life is more than enough. Your greatness is defined by you at the end of the day. You should know that you used your passion and that’s enough, 

We are habitual beings. It’s not easy to find consistency along the line because our feelings always yearn for quicker fixes and that’s why everyone tries to find shortcuts. But they are not sustainable. Distractions will keep you at your comfort zone but it’s not something that is long lasting. 

We tend to live in the past while being preoccupied with our dreams for a better future. But all those dreams and plans depend on how you manage your present and regretting anything won’t do you any good. Here and now is all you have and all you will ever have. I don’t know if that makes sense but try to treasure the present more than anything else. Manage your time, life and people in it during these pandemic times. I hope each and every one will find their balance in everything. 

edited by Adria Pereira 

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