On the verge of self-discovery: How The Inner Reset seeks to spark change from within

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In today’s ever-connected reality, especially amidst the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard
to disengage from negative inputs – or any kind of input for that matter – and this constant flow of
information from all angles has left us more afraid, more anxious, and less confident overall. Conversely,
we’re still left seeking meaningful connection to the people and the experiences around us in a world
that seems to be constantly rushing forward.

However, hoping for things to change outside ourselves will only leave us trapped in this paradox of
connection and disconnection – it is once we open our minds to accept and understand our journeys
that the shift will begin from within. Following this principle is The Inner Reset, a three-phase
programme that aims to empower women all over South Asia by initiating this journey of self-realization.
Hosted by entrepreneur and Co-Founder of HomeTree Coworking Semal Bodh Mastani, The Inner Reset
seeks to be the spark that lights the fire towards women reclaiming their freedom and inner authority,
helping them build the confidence to push past the challenges posed to them to discover their potential.
Connection – both to oneself and others – lies at the core of this programme, with each of its three
phases designed with the aim of taking participants through this process of actualisation.
Talking about how she conceptualized The Inner Reset, Semal Bodh Mastani stated: “Having been a
student of personal growth for the past 15 years, I have witnessed how my relationship with myself has
been my anchor during the most challenging times of my life, giving me hope, clarity and direction when
I needed it the most. Now, more than ever, when we live in the most uncertain times of our lives,
developing that inner anchor is crucial to build the resilience and adaptability needed to thrive in the
New Normal.”

The first phase, which was launched on 24 February with well-known personality Gaia Kodithuwakku,
saw a talk show featuring six daring Sri Lankan changemakers, who will share the inspiring stories of how
they overcame individual and societal challenges to come into alignment with themselves and
subsequently impact the lives of others. These six individuals serve as real-life examples of how
overcoming the depths of trauma and despair can serve as the springboard into Transformational

The second phase will kick off a series of workshops and sharing circles for participants to undertake
their own inner transformation journey through authentic creative expression. Furthermore, these
sessions will help individuals realize how they can use their unique talents to create change in the word
in new and exciting ways, so that they can channel their efforts towards a rewarding career path, while
remaining unphased by a turbulent external reality.

The third phase will see an ambitious effort to bring together such conscious creatives and create social
change in how we work together, by enabling a community platform that facilitates co-creation – an
environment without rigid hierarchies where individuals can contribute towards any projects they
resonate with. This phase will follow a tested framework developed by the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology for an evolution in how we learn, create, and work together.

Through its phases, The Inner Reset aims to unlock the potential in each of us to achieve
self-actualisation, where we cease to be defined by negative experiences and conditioning, and instead
take back control of our reality with the confidence to explore new avenues – changing the world in the
process. Especially in a region like South Asia, with cultural norms and societal expectations weighing
heavily on its women, this programme aims to encourage more women to stand up for themselves, to
breathe life into their ideas, and to inspire others in the process.
To learn more, follow The Inner Reset on Instagram and YouTube to spark change from within.

Our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt8WJGKBEahfbvYTM6flghQ

Our Instagram Channel: https://www.instagram.com/theinnerreset

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