Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset

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Here’s a crazy idea – what if it works?

You thought of something didn’t you? Something you dare to dream about.

The abundance mindset is just that. Assuming the best. Believing that the world is full of possibilities, there are plenty of resources for everyone and we can all be successful. A majority of people think the opposite, there are limited opportunities and they aren’t lucky to have even one. That is called the scarcity mindset, a worldview governed by limitations and fear.

Some may argue that assuming the worst keeps you alive. It doesn’t, this isn’t the Stone Age anymore, we can hope for more than that. If anything it cripples you, robs you of the experiences of a self-actualizing here and now and effects.

Spirits of abundance dream big. They see opportunities, even in the most unexpected of places. Minds of scarcity leave little scope to the imagination. The mindset itself is an environment in which creativity has very little room to flourish. And yes that was an Anne with an E reference.

Spirits of abundance do not fear that they are lacking anything. In fact, if you believe in the law of attraction, they are attracting more wealth, love and opportunity. Minds of scarcity feel a constant state of less than enough.

Since spirits of abundance do not feel lacking, they do not feel threatened by the success of others. They are supportive and make for good friends and pleasant company. Minds of scarcity are more prone to bitterness and resentment and creating unhealthy competition.

Spirits of abundance know that change is natural and inevitable. They know how to ride the tides of change, and are better at handling it. Minds of scarcity cling to familiarity and avoid change. This is not unusual; our brains have a distaste for change.

Spirits of abundance make the future. Minds of scarcity take time and adapt to it.

Spirits of abundance is in awe of knowledge and loves to learn all of it. They are constantly growing and building their skills. Minds of scarcity believe they know all they need to know, limiting themselves.

Spirits of abundance see the glass half full. Minds of scarcity only see what isn’t there.

Are you a spirit of abundance or do you have a mind of scarcity?

If you’re scared to answer that, don’t worry. It’s never too late to make the switch. It will take lots of unlearning and learning but it will be worth it.

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